18 rooms (each from 20.45 - 46.94 square meters) are available for venture companies related audio-visual filed and digital cinema creators.

There are a reception desk, lounges, 9 relaxation rooms, 5 shower rooms and small kitchen on each floor.

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Rooms 18 rooms (20.45 - 46.94m²)
Ceiling height 2,700mm
Door dimensions W 900mm × H 2,100mm
Floor load capacity 500kg/m² (Raised floor: 300kg/m²)
Raised floor 200mm
Light fixture 600lux
Telephone installation 1 internal line / external line (*Individual contracts)
TV Cable TV terminal (*Individual contracts)
Air conditioning Individual air conditioning
Security Non-contact IC card

All areas of this facility are interconnected through a high-speed backbone with a gigabit switch at its core. The facilities are connected to the Internet using a network with a guaranteed bandwidth (100Mbps outside, 12 Mbps inside). The standard connector is RJ45 (2-4). A NTT B-Flets fiber optic cable is also installed and ready for use (It is available for tenants through individual contracts).

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