4Kカメラ / HDカメラ

4K/HD Camera

4K Super 35 mm Camera carries CMOS Image Sensor and is compatible with multi formats (XAVC, MPEG-4, and HD422).
It can shoot under a 16 bit linear RAW environment by directly connecting to RAW recorder AXS-R5.
This 4K camera brings a new type of audiovisual expressions to the fields of cinema, commercials, and drama.


  • Standard 4K Camera Set
    Camera PMW-F55 / SONY
    HD view finder DVF-EL100 / SONY
    DVF-L700 / SONY
    Remote controller RM-B750 / SONY
    RAW recorder AXS-R5 / SONY
    video monitor
    PVM-741 / SONY
    PVM-1741A / SONY
    Bridge plate BP-8 / ARRI
    Tripod Studio9+9 (HEAD) / sachtler
    BABY TRIPOD / Ronford
    Microphone WMS-5 (sound microphone) / SANKEN MICROPHONE
    MKH416-P48U3 (gun microphone) / Sennheiser
    Wireless transmitter DWT-B01/B / SONY
    Wireless receiver DWR-S01D / SONY
    Sound recorder 788T-SSD / Sound Devices
    Lighting kid PL-3300 (LED light) / Camlight
    Battery BP-FL75 / SONY
    Battery charger BC-L90 / SONY
    Cine lens ULTRA PRIME T1.9/24mm / ARRI/Carl Zeiss
    ULTRA PRIME T1.9/32mm / ARRI/Carl Zeiss
    ULTRA PRIME T1.9/50mm / ARRI/Carl Zeiss
    ULTRA PRIME T1.9/85mm / ARRI/Carl Zeiss
  • Optional lens - single focus lens
    Cine lens ULTRA PRIME T1.9/16mm / ARRI/Carl Zeiss
    ULTRA PRIME T1.9/20mm / ARRI/Carl Zeiss
    ULTRA PRIME T1.9/135mm / ARRI/Carl Zeiss
    ULTRA PRIME T1.9/180mm / ARRI/Carl Zeiss
  • Optional lens - short zoom lens
    Cine lens ALURA ZOOM T2.6/18-80mm / ARRI/FUZINON
    Matte box LMB-4A / ARRI
    Lens support LS-9 / ARRI
  • Optional lens - long zoom lens
    Cine lens ALURA ZOOM T2.6/45-250mm / ARRI/FUZINON
    Matte box LMB-4A / ARRI
    Lens support LS-9 / ARRI
  • Matte Box & Follow Focus for single focus lens
    Matte box LMB-25 / ARRI
    Follow focus FF-4 / ARRI
    ProRes422 recorder KI Pro Exoskeleton / AJA

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