Visual Museum
Permanent Exhibition

Japan's First Interactive Museum of Audio-Visual Production

Welcome to the world of Audio-Visual Production!

An interactive exhibition is permanently open to everyone - from children to adults - so that they can learn about the history and principles of image and the process of filmmaking. You can also experience audio-visual production by using the principles and knowledge you have just learned here.

Film Study Zone (2F)

This is an exhibition that covers the film production process: planning, art, shooting, lighting, editing, sound, and even the latest motion capturing. Most of the installation is interactive, so visitors can also touch and play with the exhibits.

  • Shooting with Camera

  • Compositing Images

  • 2D/3D Animation Production

Film Production Zone (3F)

You can experience audio-visual production using professional equipment in studios 301, 302 and 303. In the Video Box and Multi Media Corner, you can try video editing, projection mapping, and audio-visual production using PCs. On the weekends, compositing attractions are held in studio 301. On weekdays, Filmmaking Study Programs are held for visiting students in which they can experience actual film shooting.

  • 301-303 Studios

  • Newscaster Experience

  • "Flying Magic Carpet" Attraction

  • 303 Wonder Studio

  • Projection Mapping

  • Weekend Workshop

*Visitors can create a DVD of the film they made at Film Production Zone. DVD is available at 500 yen at the museum entrance.

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