Audio Visual Hall

The Audio Visual Hall is equipped with new and convenient equipment such as a 4K Digital Cinema Projector System, a 35mm/16mm film projector, Dolby Surround System, and a large-sized screen, which is a quite rare situation as a rental hall.
The Audio Visual Hall provides an optimal screening environment in which the audience can enjoy spectacular visuals and exciting sounds as if they were in a movie theatre.
In addition, the hall can be used to hold events using audiovisual images, such as symposia, lectures, and trainings, since the hall has a stage in front of the screen.
Using optical camera cables, tools in the sub-adjustment room of the HD Studio, and outside broadcasting tools, it is possible to shoot and broadcast events being held in the Audio Visual Hall.


  • Visual Equipment

    You will be able to screen films, digital cinema, HD multi-formats (including 24P), Betacam, MiniDV, DVCAM, DVS, and VHS. Moreover, there are a Multi Access HD Video Disk Recorder and Automatic Program Controller to screen several products continuously. Screen size would automatically changed. Seat lighting can also be automatically controlled.

    • 4K Digital Cinema Projector System
    • 35 mm/16 mm projector
    • HDCAM studio VTR (HDW-F500)
    • Multi-access HD video disk recorder

  • Audio Equipment

    With a digital sound processor and a multi-speaker system that are always available for users, the audio equipment in the hall can be compatible with various kinds of Dolby formats.
    Since it's linked with the Multi-channel MA Studio online, this hall can be used as a theater-sized MA room.

    • Dolby Surround System (Main Speaker x3 / Sub Woofer x2 / Surround Speaker x9 Ceiling Speaker x6)
    • Digital Mixing Console (YAMAHA OIV)


  • Capacity 325 seats
    (including wheelchair seats / front 3 rows can be removed)
  • W17.1m x D2.4m(possible to widen up to 4.0m) x H6.4m
  • Maximum weight 500kg/m² on stage floor
  • 2 Screen battens (150kg max per batten)
  • 3 Light battens (150kg max per batten)
  • Screen HD size  W7.8m x H4.4m (350inch)
    Standard W5.8m x H4.4m (286inch)
    VistaVision W8.1m x H4.4m (360inch)
    CinemaScope  W10.4m x H4.4m (444inch)
    Foyer Reception /Bathroom /Smoking Room /Drink Vending Machine
    Backstage Area 1 Waiting Room (about 14m²)
    2 Training Rooms (possible to use as waiting rooms)
    Visual Equipment 4K Digital Cinema Projector System (Barco SP4K-15C)
    35 mm/16 mm projector etc.
    Audio Equipment Surround System

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