Privacy Policy, Disclaimers

With regard to Sai-No-Kuni Visual Plaza Website ("this site" from this point on), we comply with the "Saitama Prefectural Regulations on Personal Information Protection,"and we collect, use, and manage personal information in strict accordance with the following rules. Furthermore, we will constantly update this site in order to always ensure better protection for the users.

  1. Definition of “Personal Information”
    We define "Personal Information" to be the addresses, names, telephone numbers, email addresses, and other information that are provided on this site, with which specific individuals can be distinguished.
  2. Restrictions on Collecting Personal Information
    When collecting personal information through this site, we clarify the objectives behind our use of the information, and only collect the necessary information within the scope of these objectives. It is our principle that personal information should be provided/registered only by the voluntary will of users.
  3. Appropriate Management of Personal Information
    We appropriately manage personal information collected through this site so as to protect the information from loss, theft, and misuse. We immediately delete all personal information that is no longer in use.
  4. Restrictions on Sharing and Disclosing Personal Information
    Unless otherwise stated in the copyright laws, we never share personal information with either internal personnel or external groups for any purpose. In the event that personal information is shared with an external group for a necessary reason, the group is required to handle the personal data with the utmost appropriate care.
  5. The Scope of Application
    The privacy policy is applied only within the extent of this site.
  6. Disclaimers
    Although we strictly manage the accuracy of information on this site, we do not hold responsibility for any act involving the use of information on this site.
    We do not bear responsibility for any damage caused by the use of this site, nor for any damage to a third party caused by a user of this site using the information provided on this site.
  7. Operation
    This site is operated by DIGITAL SKIP STATION, INC under trust from Saitama Prefecture.