Visual Museum

Interactive / Field Trip Course

A type of social studies field trip, in which students visit and interact with the displays of the Visual Museum for one- to two-hour periods. This is different from the Filmmaking Production Course, in that students do not engage in production before coming to the museum.

Corner 1 (2F) Film Study Zone

Exhibits that illustrate the kinds of filmmaking visitor can make.

Corner 2 (3F) Studio 301

Hands-on experience in TV news production
Visitors use the same equipment found in broadcasting studios, and try their hand at being directors, camera operators, audio technicians and newscasters.

Corner 3 (3F) (1) Studio 302 / (2) Film Frontier Corner

Studio 302
Features the "Flying Carpet" attraction, and a blue-screen chroma key interactive installation.
Film Frontier Corner
An interactive area that explains various forms of visual expression and new filmmaking techniques.

Corner 4 (3F) Multimedia Corner

Students try their hand at video editing using personal computers. Students assemble various shots of people playing catch and add music and atmospheric sounds to tell their own stories.