Visual Museum

Visual Museum

Japan's First Interactive Museum of Moving Image and Filmmaking

In the VISUAL MUSEUM, instructive interactive exhibitions are available to visitors of all ages on a regular basis. By participating in interactive activities at the exhibition, visitors learn about the history, principles, and processes of the moving image.

PERMANENT EXHIBITION (2nd and 3rd Floor)

The Film Study Zone displays exhibits all aspects of the filmmaking process: planning, art, shooting, lighting, editing, sound, as well as the latest motion capture. Since most exhibitions are interactive, visitors can touch and perform activities with the exhibits. Explanatory videos on the shooting experience, editing, sound effects, VFX, animation production, and CG are available. By watching these videos, visitors can easily learn the know-how and mechanism of clay animation and VFX.

Film Production Zone (3rd Floor)

Visitors can experience audio-visual production using professional equipment in studios 301, 302 and 303. Studio 303 is also available for rent. On weekdays, filmmaking lessons are held for visiting students in which they can experience actual film shooting (these filmmaking lessons mainly target elementary to middle school students in Saitama Prefecture).
There are many enjoyable interactive attractions in the Film Production Zone. In the "Flying Carpet," visitors can choose to synthesize an image of themselves traveling around the world or visiting a kingdom of dinosaurs. Visitors can create DVD tapes of the film they created.

Video Box Booths (3rd Floor)

This Zone exhibits FIVE booths and in each of them the visitors can play with different type of audio-visual technology.
AR(Augmented Reality) Box:Featuring Augment Reality technology
Video Box:Featuring video editing
Projection Mapping Boxes:Featuring Projection Mapping

Multi-media Zone (3rd Floor)

Visitors can play with Editing and painting software in the computers.


Through out the year exhibition space special exhibitions features new media art, current audio-visual culture and the history of moving image.


Many types of workshops are held through out the year.


An information desk in this plaza assists people who rent DV cameras or Non-linear editing rooms. People can exchange information and communicate with each other at the meeting place in this zone.


Opening Hours 9:30-17:00 (Admission until 16:30)
Closed Mondays (If Monday is a national holiday, then closed the following weekday), 12/29 - 1/3

Admission Fee

  1 person Groups of more than
20 persons
Adults 520 yen 410 yen
Junior high school / Primary school students 260 yen 200 yen

Membership Fee

Adults 2,080 yen
Junior high school / Primary school students 1,040 yen