Sai-No-Kuni Visual Plaza

Audio Visual Hall

A Rental Hall to Enjoy Spectacular Visuals and Exciting Sound Produced by 4K Digital Cinema Projector System, Dolby Surround System and a Large-sized Screen

The Audio Visual Hall is equipped with new and convenient equipment such as a 4K Digital Cinema Projector System, a 35mm/16mm film projector, Dolby Surround System, and a large-sized screen, which is a quite rare situation as a rental hall. The Audio Visual Hall provides an optimal screening environment in which the audience can enjoy spectacular visuals and exciting sounds as if they were in a movie theatre. In addition, the hall can be used to hold events using audiovisual images, such as symposia, lectures, and trainings, since the hall has a stage in front of the screen.

Visual Equipment

You will be able to screen films, digital cinema (using the 4K Digital Cinema Projector System), HD multi-formats (including 24P), Datacam, Digital Betacam, and TV programs. Moreover, there are a Multi Access HD Video Disk Recorder and Automatic Program Controller to screen several products continuously. Screen size would automatically changed. Seat lighting can also be automatically controlled.

Visual Equipment

  • 4K Digital Cinema Projector System
  • 35 mm projector, 35 mm/16 mm projector
  • HDCAM studio VTR (HDW-F500)
  • Multi-access HD video disk recorder

Audio Equipment

With a digital sound processor and a multi-speaker system that are always available for users, the audio equipment in the HD Studio can be compatible with various kinds of Dolby formats. Since the HD Studio is linked with the 5.1ch MA room online, the HD Studio can be used as a theater-sized MA room.

Optical Camera Cables Enable Interconnected Events with the HD Studio.

Using optical camera cables, tools in the sub-adjustment room of the HD Studio, and outside broadcasting tools, it is possible to shoot and broadcast events being held in the Audio Visual Hall.

Characteristics of Audio Visual Hall

Capacity 325 seats (including wheelchair seats/front 3 rows can be removed)
Maximum weight 500kg per square meter on stage floor
Stage width 17m
Stage Depth 2.4m(possible to widen to 4m using temporary stage)
Stage height 6m
Battens 2 Screen battens (150 kg max per batten),
3 Light battens (150 kg max. per batten)