SKIPCITY, located in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, is designed to serve as a hub of the next generation audio visual industry. Its mission is to support new creators and small business owners in the audio-visual industry by offering them an environment where they can obtain easy access to the latest technologies, nurture their international competitiveness, and accumulate their innovative works. SKIPCITY Project was proposed jointly by Saitama Prefecture and NHK in 1999 adapting a policy to optimize the management skills and technologies of the private sector for the development. With the cooperation of other selected private enterprises, SKIPCITY was opened in February, 2003.
SKIPCITY covers an area of 37 acres, of which one third has been developed (Zone A) to accommodate three administrative facilities in Zone A1 (Saitama Industrial Technology Center, Saitama Prefectural Center for Consumer Affairs, and Kawaguchi Science Museum) and four audiovisual facilities and private organizations in Zone A2 (Sai-No-Kuni Visual Plaza, NHK Archives, Audio Visual Library, Kawaguchi Art School of Waseda University, NTT Communications/IP Solutions, and Digital Skip Station Co., Ltd,).
Audio Visual Museum, Sai-No-Kuni Visual Plaza, Kawaguchi Science Museum (Science World), and Audio Visual Library are open to the public offering people of all ages enjoyable learning experiences.


Saitama Industrial Technology Center

Saitama Industrial Technology Center, with its high standard of R&D and technology support systems, helps small business owners to advance in technology and create a new industry. It provides small businesses with comprehensive assistance to achieve their technological goals by promoting personnel and research exchanges between managers and researchers. TEL: 048-265-1311

Sai-No-Kuni Kurashi Plaza (Saitama Prefecture Human Life and Science Center)

Sai-no-Kuni Kurashi Plaza is Japan’s only full-size interactive learning center with the theme of the human life as consumers. Visitors of all ages will enjoy hands-on learning experiences which allow them to have a closer look at people’s life as consumers. TEL: 048-261-0993

Kawaguchi Science Museum (Science World)

Science World is an interactive museum for people of all ages to learn science through enjoyable activities. The museum consists of a planetarium, an observatory and a scientific exhibition facility that are linked together by a computer network. TEL: 048-262-8431

Sai-No-Kuni Visual Plaza


Sai-No-Kuni Visual Plaza is a complex consisting of a Full Digital Studio, Audio Visual Hall, HD Editing & 5.1ch Audio Sweetening Rooms, Audio Visual Museum, Audio Visual Library, and rental offices (Incubate Offices). Furnished with high-end equipment and facilities, Sai-No-Kuni Visual Plaza enables all processes of digital filmmaking to be carried out in one continuous operation, from shooting and editing to production and screening. In the Visual Museum, people of all ages learn filmmaking interactively through enjoyable activities. In Audio Visual Library, precious films produced by Saitama Prefecture are available for viewing. TEL: 048-265-2500

NHK Archives

Kawaguchi Art School of Waseda University

NTT Communications