Sai-No-Kuni Visual Plaza

Incubate Offices (Rental Offices)

The Incubate Offices are rental offices that can be utilized by small businesses owners in the audiovisual production industry and digital cinema creators. Eighteen offices of various sizes are rented for the purposes of producing world-prominent creators and developing the audiovisual industry.
Tenants can use the facilities at low cost. They can also make use of services offered in the facility such as production training, flotation consulting, business match-matching, and assistance with magazine/web advertising.
A reception desk is located on the 9th floor. Receptionists provide guidance to visitors and tenants. The reception area is fully equipped with network printers and color copy machines.

Characteristics of the Rental Office

All areas of this facility are interconnected through a high-speed backbone with a gigabit switch at its core. The facilities are connected to the Internet using a network with a guaranteed bandwidth (100Mbps outside, 12 MBps inside). The standard connector is RJ45 (2-4). A NTT B-Flets fiber optic cable is also installed and ready for use (It is available for tenants through individual contracts).

Refreshing Space

There are five showers and nine lounges for tenants who work for long hours.

Shower Rooms 5 Rooms
Accomodations 9 Rooms